Love Newmarket BID and Newmarket Town Council

Shop Front Grant Scheme

Terms and Conditions

Please read this guide before completing the grant application form.

Who can apply?
Business owners/ operators of any independent or national retailer within the defined shop front scheme boundary, which incorporates Newmarket High Street and adjoining streets. Please contact if you are unsure of your business inclusion. Operators must submit proof of owners consent before commencing works.

Can I discuss my application with someone?
If you would like to discuss your application please contact either Natalie Robinson at Love Newmarket BID [email protected] or Cathy Whitaker, Town Clerk at Newmarket Town Council [email protected]
Proposed works and specifications can be discussed prior to the commencement of works. Applications must be received prior to the commencement of works.

Do I need to ask the owner if I don’t own the property?
Yes. Permission must be sought from the owner and submitted with the application form.

Do I need planning permission?
The majority of the actions allowed under the scheme may not need planning permission however you should consult West Suffolk Council’s Planning Department to clarify [email protected]
Applicants may make an application for the grant in advance of obtaining planning permission (if required) and where successful will receive a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ in principal. However where permission is required, approved works cannot start until a final grant of planning permission is received. For more information on making a planning application visit

What costs will the grant cover?
The grant will only be paid for works approved in the ‘Letter of Approval’ issued by Love Newmarket BID and NTC. The grant will not be increased if additional work is undertaken outside of the original grant approved and assistance cannot be given in retrospect to costs incurred prior to the scheme. Any material changes approved in the ‘Letter of Approval’ must be advised in advance. The grant in any case shall not exceed 50% of the overall approved cost and is subject to the maximum grants stated on the scheme application.

When do I get paid?
The grant will be payable after completion and final inspection by a relevant NTC and Love Newmarket BID official, when all documentation has been received and when all parties are satisfied that all terms and conditions have been complied with.

Are there other financial terms to comply with before I get paid?
Costs must be verified by the submission of receipts/ invoices prior to the payment of the grant. The applicant must have either paid all council rates and BID rates in full for the current year, or be in compliance with a payment plan/ agreement regarding rates.

What happens if the fund is oversubscribed?
In the event of the number of applications exceeding the value of the overall fund, preference will be given to the applications that in the BID’s and NTC’s view will most improve the visual appearance of Newmarket.

How long do I have to complete the works?
From receipt of the ‘Letter of Approval’ we request that all works are completed within 6 months.

When do the applications close?
Applications will open on Monday 15th January 2024 and will close at midnight on Sunday 12th February 2024. Successful applicants will be notified from the week commencing Monday 26th February 2024.

Applications will be assessed by Love Newmarket BID and Newmarket Town Council with consideration being given to proposed design, materials and overall visual impact.

Marketing and Promotions
Love Newmarket BID and NTC reserve the right to publish photographs and details of chosen schemes before, during and after the improvements in promotional activities associated with the scheme and its purpose.

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