The Rhythmic Thud of Thousands of Hooves...

Newmarket is internationally renowned as the headquarters of Thoroughbred racing and breeding. The town nestles in the heart of its famous Heath, which daily echoes to the rhythmic thud of thousands of hooves, as it has done for more than three centuries.

As well as its two racecourses – the Rowley Mile and the Adnams July Course – there are 2,500 acres of racehorse training grounds, divided between Racecourse Side to the west and Bury Side to the east. In all, there are 50 miles of turf gallops and 14 miles of artificial gallops!

Newmarket’s unique character can only be truly appreciated if you arrive before noon, for it is from the early morning that the meandering strings of Thoroughbreds wend their way from stable to Heath for their daily exercise, before sauntering unhurriedly home using the labyrinth of specially built horsewalks which cut across the town.

For tours to the Heath, please visit Discover Newmarket. 

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