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Making wonderful sausages is a family tradition started by my great grandfather in 1881. He came to Newmarket as an apprentice butcher and soon had his own shop. Our shop is still in Wellington Street, which is just off the High Street on the Market Square and it is stocked with not only sausages of several varieties, including our PGI (protected food name) the Newmarket Sausage, but also many other local and regional speciality foods and free range meat presented by our skilled butchers.


We are not only butchers as we are also farmers and know all about our meat - its breed and the way it is reared and importantly, where it has come from! This goes for all our meat, whether it is for sale on our butchery counter or for making sausages.


The family business is now entering its fifth generation and is still run with the original passion and care which has made the Powters name synonymous with quality and value.

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