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Newmarket is a unique and historic market town. It has many fine listed buildings, attractive shopping, varied recreational facilities and a variety of hotels, restaurants and cafes. Newmarket gives easy access to the attractive villages and countryside which surround the town. There are many historic sites such as the Icknield Way and the Devil's Dyke, which link Newmarket to its Anglo Saxon history. The Dyke is an ancient monument, and is the largest defensive earthwork in the country.


Newmarket is known as the headquarters of Racing, and of Thoroughbred Breeding. Everyday Newmarket's famous Heath echoes to the sound of thousands of hooves. Visitors to the town should be sure to arrive before noon to truly appreciate its unique character, for it is from early morning that strings of thoroughbreds wind their way from stable to training gallops and saunter unhurriedly home using the unique labyrinth of specially built horse walks which criss-cross the town.

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