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Since 1983, the National Horseracing Museum has celebrated Newmarket’s status as the historic home of horse racing. Located on a 5-acre site in the heart of Newmarket, the museum explores the 350 year history of the sport through stunning works of art, contemporary sculptures, breath-taking architecture, through to equine science, some of the world’s most famous racing trophies and unique bronzes and artefacts. Using the latest interactive and audio-visual displays, the museum also takes a different look at the sport, examining the physical attributes of the elite equine athlete and the importance of the thoroughbred pedigree.
We have a fabulous restaurant and gift shop on-site and visits can take from 3 hours to a full day, and sometimes even more…! Don’t worry if you can’t fit it all in on one day – upgrade your ticket to an annual pass for free when you get here and return as many times as you like. Local residents get discounted entry too. So much more than a museum!
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