BBA Shipping

BBA Shipping and Transport specialises in the permanent and temporary export of horses all over the world, as well as the transportation of European runners to the largest International Races.


While the integration of various modes of transport is one of the keys to the success of the BBA Shipping operation, air freight is still the core business, and year on year there has been a rise in both the numbers of horses shipped and the diversity of destinations to which they travel.

BBA Shipping deals directly with all the major airlines involved in horse transport and provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to all its clients’ transport requirements, whilst always prioritising the safety and comfort of the horse. The commitment and professionalism of horse box drivers, grooms and office staff is second to none and we always have dedicated members of our team present at all major UK and Irish sales.

European Breeders Fund

The Fund has contributed over £31.5million in to the sport since 1983 and has a current investment level of around £1.7million per year over both flat and National Hunt racing making the BEBF the third largest sponsor of horseracing in the country.

International Racing Transport

International Racing Transport (IRT) is the most trusted International horse transport company in the world.


We have been transporting livestock around the globe since 1972 and have steadily built our broad, but intimate global network ever since.


Today IRT is called upon to move all sorts of horses, to every corner of the globe... from competition and racing horses, to rare, special breeds and family pets.


On average IRT has at least one horse in transit, for every hour of the day!


With offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK , Germany and USA, IRT's International coverage means that our professional and experienced staff can better facilitate your shipment all around the world - through day or night.

James Coburn Farrier

Nourish and protect your horses' hooves.

Jockey Club Rooms

The Jockey Club Rooms have been at the heart of British horseracing for over 250 years. As a private members club, few people have stepped inside and seen the magnificent interiors, which house an unparalleled collection of British racing memorabilia.

Outside of Members-only periods, The Jockey Club Rooms is available to non-members for business meetings and events, receptions and dinners, overnight accommodation, luxury weddings and Open House Events that include Sunday lunches and Afternoon Tea and Tours.

We are part of the largest commercial group in British horseracing, The Jockey Club. Every penny that the Jockey Club Rooms make is reinvested back into the UK’s second biggest spectator sport, horseracing.

National Horseracing Museum

Since 1983, the National Horseracing Museum has celebrated Newmarket’s status as the historic home of horse racing. Located on a 5-acre site in the heart of Newmarket, the museum explores the 350 year history of the sport through stunning works of art, contemporary sculptures, breath-taking architecture, through to equine science, some of the world’s most famous racing trophies and unique bronzes and artefacts. Using the latest interactive and audio-visual displays, the museum also takes a different look at the sport, examining the physical attributes of the elite equine athlete and the importance of the thoroughbred pedigree.
We have a fabulous restaurant and gift shop on-site and visits can take from 3 hours to a full day, and sometimes even more…! Don’t worry if you can’t fit it all in on one day – upgrade your ticket to an annual pass for free when you get here and return as many times as you like. Local residents get discounted entry too. So much more than a museum!